duck1Thought I'd share a recipe that myself and my family enjoy with the ducks that are harvested each year....... 6-8 ducks breasted and cut into to thin slices, 1 large piece of ginger( chopped fine), salt and pepper and a little garlic clove(chopped fine). Use olive oil and get hot, add duck, ginger, salt and pepper and garlic. Cook duck till it's just shy of being done. While duck is cooking I start my wild rice blend. When duck is about done I add a red onion slices( thin). Then 5-6 colored bell peppers and broccoli. Once everything is added and starts to get back up to temp I mix it all up and cover for about 5 min to let the veggies steam. Serve over the wild rice. Some of my family is picky when it comes to wild game, everyone enjoys this meal though.