loriMy name is Lori Price and I am an avid outdoors woman! My passion for
hunting began 8 years ago when we moved to Alaska with the Military. My
first duck hunt involved army crawling through a field to the edge of a
creek on a foggy morning with the depiction instilled in me! That day, I
experienced and found another passion towards hunting.

Because I am new to the sport, I have a lot to learn but I am proud to be part of AWA to be a voice and advocate for Woman and hunting, plus I learn a lot from all the wonderful Board & AWA members! Being part of an organization that educates
our youth & adults, helps with wild life conservation, community clean-ups
and projects, works with multiple local & state organizations towards a
common goal, etc.

AWA helps give back to our community through numerous ways
and that is something I am proud to take part in and help with.