hughbigAnchorage, AKFrom the age of 8 when I bagged my first Mallard Hen I was hooked! I grew up in Texas hunting flooded timber, rice fields, and salt water bays. Cut my teeth chasing whistling woodies, big greenheads and those fast flying teal. Some of my most fondest memories were made standing in the freezing knee high deep water with blue jeans and boots shooting woodies flying through the trees. Those were the days.

I spent 10 years in Kansas guiding and hunting all over the Midwest in search of our feathered friends. What an awesome flyway to experience and be a part of. Numbers are incredible. I made some great memories sharing the waterfowling sport.

I now reside in Anchorage with my wife, twin daughters and my best hunting partner, my yellow lab Skeeter.
Here we have very liberal limits, short days and a variety of waterfowl to pursue. I spend the first part of the season chasing puddlers and divers. When the marshes lock up, we move to the rivers and salt in search of Harley’s, Scoters, Long-tails, Goldeneyes, and Geese.

As President of Alaska Waterfowl Association, I really enjoy introducing new waterfowlers to the sport. Young or old, it’s an awesome experience watching them harvest their first bird and introducing anyone I can to the waterfowling tradition.

I have always been involved with waterfowl and wetland conservation efforts. There is no greater feeling than being a part of organization that helps promote management principles, ethics, wetland conservation efforts, education for our youth, and protects your hunting rights here in Alaska. All while protecting and preserving a precious Alaskan resource.

If you have any questions, would like to visit or have suggestions on how we can help make AWA better, please do not hesitate to stop me in the marsh or send me an email.

See you on the marsh!